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This is a common question I get from a lot of customers! There are a lot of factors in choosing the best kind of floor for your application. Especially since the freeze/thaw cycles that cabin floors undergo void standard flooring warranties. Luckily you’re in the presence of a cabin flooring specialist, we have developed systems to deal with this and other issues!

Simple answer: The best kind of flooring is vinyl plank glued directly to the subfloor. Period. End of story… I wish! 😊

Ok, let me explain. I think vinyl plank glued directly to the subfloor is technically superior to any other floor covering because it’s warranted for 10 years (with our system), each plank is individually secured meaning you can easily replace individual planks if they get damaged, it is extremely easy to clean, it is waterproof, can be carried through every room in the house including bathrooms, it’s very durable and reasonably priced.

So what can change my recommendation? Well, sometimes when there is a lot of furniture and/or the subfloor needs work (subfloor needs to be very smooth to accept vinyl plank), it may be much more cost effective to install a laminate floor. Laminate floors are more acceptant of subfloor imperfections, more structurally supportive and much easier to work around furniture with.

Carpet is a popular choice as well since it is warranted in freeze/thaw cycles, cost-effective, and warm and cozy in colder spring or fall days! It is also the most forgiving floor covering when it comes to subfloor preparation.

We recommend staying away from hardwood flooring in cabins due to seasonal temperature and humidity variations. Problems such as cupping, gapping and checking are likely to occur. That being said, some clients have been refinishing their old wood floors and love the rustic look! Personal preference, if you choose this option, be prepared to accept the wood’s imperfections as natural beauty!

Ceramic tile is definitely an acceptable and beautiful option but is the most expensive and cold on the feet so is usually reserved for entrances, bathrooms, and sunrooms. We commonly install tub surrounds, showers, backsplashes, fireplace features in ceramic tile in cabins.

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