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The number one question we get is “what is the best kind of floor?”. If we could only pick one, the answer is, hands-down, vinyl plank glued directly to the subfloor. Here's why:
  • It's waterproof, durable and can be installed anywhere, giving you a seamless and flowing feel to your living space
  • Dramatically refresh the look of your living space
  • About half the cost of hardwoods or ceramic tile

Flooring homes and cottages since 2012

We’ve learned a thing or two about installing floors for our customers since then. Whether they’re updating a cottage that has a hodge-podge of assorted flooring or building a new home, they usually want their space to have a maintenance free floor that complements their design, flows throughout the living space and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Enter glued vinyl plank floors! This kind of floor has the best combination of all these features, and we’ve got it down to a science!

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