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The number one question we get is “what kind of flooring should we get?”. Choosing your ideal floor can be challenging, especially when you consider the extreme freeze/thaw cycles found in Manitoba cabins.

Prices are estimated prices for budgeting purposed only. Prices include mid-range materials, installation, minor floor prep, delivery and sundries. Does not include removal of existing flooring, moving furniture and other contents, or dealing with baseboards, toilets, etc. Please contact us to have your project priced

Now that we have our selections narrowed down a bit, let’s take a more in depth look at each flooring type:

Vinyl in plank, tile or sheet format. Vinyl has made a dramatic comeback in recent years and is one of our favorites for the fact that it’s waterproof, durable, gorgeous, reasonably priced and we can offer a 10-year warranty on materials and labor in unheated cabins! Vinyl comes in many different formats, let’s have a quick look at the “need to knows”:

Vinyl plank: By far the most popular vinyl floor out there, these individual planks are glued directly to the floor. They look and function very well in every room in the house!

Vinyl tile: These are individual tiles, they function very similarly to vinyl planks but they can be installed with grout to give the look of ceramic tile with the warmth and coziness underfoot of vinyl!

Vinyl sheet: The “classic” vinyl, this product comes in 12’ or 2m (13’) wide rolls and is also directly glued to the floor. This product gives you the most protection from water seeping into the subfloor.

Carpet. Manufacturer warranties still stand in freezing temperatures, warm on the feet in colder temps and affordable! Let’s dig a little deeper:

Direct glue: The most affordable flooring option, a great option for people with cabins that have a budget as their highest priority.

Carpet and pad: The comfiest and warmest flooring option out there! There is an infinite number of styles and colors to choose from and it is one of the most affordable options as well.

Carpet tile: The main benefit of carpet tile is the ability to be able to replace individual tiles if one is damaged. It is similar in price to carpet and pad.

Laminate. Laminate is a great choice for most cabins. Although the manufacturer warranties are voided in freezing temps, they are commonly installed without issue and we still back our work up! We recommend staying away from the cheapest options for looks, product quality and for your indoor air quality. Stay with a good quality 10mm or thicker, preferably made in Germany. Usually, you will want to stay away from wet areas such as bathrooms, entrances, etc. Ceramic or vinyl can be used in wet areas to tie the laminate into a complete design!

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC). SPC’s are a sort of vinyl plank, they click together like a laminate and are warranted usually from 60C to -60C so they are a great option for cabins as well as homes! Although we don’t want to be walking on this stuff when it’s -20C or colder, so if you visit your unheated cabin in the dead of winter, we would consider another option.

Ceramic Tile. Ceramic is a luxurious, extremely durable and timeless building material. It also happens to be our favorite! Ceramic tile, when installed professionally, is artistry. It can be installed on walls as well as floors and tie a whole room together. Check out our Tile Works page to get the full extent of our capabilities!

Hardwood. Although hardwood is definitely not recommended in unheated cabins, they are another timeless classic. Nothing looks and feels quite as distinguished, and makes a home feel more luxurious than fine hardwood floors.

Hardwood refinishing: This is a great option if you have salvageable, existing wood floors! Looks fantastic and is one of the most affordable options too!

Now that you have a good idea of the basics, the next step would be to call us for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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